Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Book Review - The River by Michael Neale

The River by Michael Neale (Thomas Nelson Publishers) is a story about Gabriel Clarke that not only traverses his life from childhood to young adult-hood, but also The River where his roots began and to which he eventually returns.  Mr. Neale paints an awesome picture which the reader can see, hear and smell.  The characters are alive and invite the reader to turn page after page of Gabriel’s journey through life, experiencing loss, loneliness and self-doubt.  Circumstances bring Gabriel back to the River which draws him with both the intrigue of new adventure and an unexpected familiarity.  Neale draws the ready deeper into the story and the River as he introduces symbols of spirituality and the unknown.  The River is a great read with a somewhat predictable and abrupt ending.  Overall an inspired, very good read that this reader highly recommends.
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