Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giftedness ©

Gifts and talents are amazing.  We all have heroes we admire and respect.  We admire their courage and strength, their knowledge and intellect, their creativity and inventiveness.  We admire their talent.  It seems kingdoms and countries have been led by men and women such as these.  Sometimes we observe such talent and think, ‘Oh, if I just had a tiny fraction of that person’s talent.’ 
The fact is that we all have our very own set of gifts and talents.  We may not be the best speaker or leader, we may not have political savvy or be the best guitar player or worship leader.  But we might be awesome at childcare.  We might be an awesome cook or an excellent gardener.  Perhaps we excel at writing poems, throwing a football, knitting or training puppies.  The point is, it doesn’t matter what we are good at only that we recognize that we are good at something.  And that something, no matter how big or how small, is the exact talent or gift that we are meant to have.  More importantly, that gift or talent is meant to be shared with others; it is ours given to us to by the creator to be used for all. 
The truth is if we were all great leaders there would be no one to lead.  If we were all top notch guitar players the band would sound horrible without the rest of the instruments.  Large and small, gifts and talents cannot be measured in value based on popularity because they are all necessary; let us all give thanks for our own special gifts.   

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